L.A.’s Dream Machines is the realization of a four year journey that began innocuously on a fall night in Silver Lake. Harry May Kline, a native Angeleno raised on a steady diet of soul, americana and performance, instantly saw a kindred spirit in Luke Burba, a recent Tempe-by-way-of-Olympia transplant whose love of the 70s studio gods had led to a burgeoning career in audio recording. Within a week, they were jamming in Harry's garage.

Over the following years, the pair honed their individual and collective abilities by dipping their toes into throwback rock, off-kilter synthtronica, soulful country and everything in between in a succession of Echo Park-based bands. In July of 2013, they were ready to strike out as an official duo: Dream Machines was born.

With hooks and melodies descended from the blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates, glittering synths worthy of Brian Eno, sax solos that yearn for a yacht rock revival, and scorching guitar-vocal interplay that knocks on the door of Prince’s Revolution, May-Kline and Burba have developed a sound that harkens back to the rose-colored past while keeping one foot securely in the present.